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With a distinguished 40-year legacy dedicated to sustainability, our company excels in the fabrication and installation of advanced exterior composite panels, setting the standard in the construction industry. Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship is deeply ingrained in our operational ethos. At the forefront of our eco-conscious practices is a sophisticated recycling system for all scrap materials. Through cutting-edge and responsible recycling techniques, we ensure that each component enjoys a renewed life, contributing significantly to the establishment of a circular economy within our sector. A hallmark of our sustainability journey is our relentless pursuit of a 100% renewable energy status. 

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Our facilities proudly rely on on-site solar panels, showcasing our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and charting a course for sustainable energy usage in construction. Our commitment to green energy extends beyond self-sufficiency. We actively participate in collaborative ventures, leasing land to a leading hydrogen fuel cell company. This strategic partnership not only powers our operations but also makes a meaningful contribution to broader green energy production in our home state on Connecticut, aligning seamlessly with our vision to foster innovation and pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

In harmony with contemporary sustainability standards prevalent in the construction industry, our responsible material sourcing practices emphasize the use of eco-friendly and recycled components. This meticulous approach ensures that each project we undertake surpasses environmental expectations, making a positive impact on the industry. In essence, our company stands as a beacon of sustainability within construction, seamlessly blending company history with a forward-thinking approach. With every project, we actively lead the industry towards a future where responsible construction practices are not only valued but expected.

LEED Awards

IDA has been proud to be part of numerous LEED certified projects in recent years. Here are a few cases of our recent contributions to a greener construction industry.

  • Columbia Business School (LEED Gold Certification)

  • LaGuardia - Terminal C (LEED Silver Certification)

  • One Vanderbilt (LEED Gold Certification)

  • Two Penn Plaza (LEED Gold Certification)

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